Annotation Tools       Downloadable Files
Annotation Tools       Downloadable Files

View Roseobacter genomes in Artemis.

(Quick instructions)

1. Save the NCBI files to your local computer. (For Windows users, right click the link and choose "save as". For Mac users, hold down the Control key on your keyboard when clicking the link. Alternatively, Mac users can click and hold; that is, click once without unclicking the mouse button.)

2. Launch Artemis. Or install it from here:


*Note: you must have Java Web Start installed on your computer. It's part of your Java installation for Java version 1.4 or higher. After you open the Java page, click Download Now located under "Where do you get Java Web Start".

3. Open the file you downloaded in Artemis.

  • Download Rugeria pomeroyi Tn-Seq Data

    Download mapped reads from a Tn-Seq analysis of genes involved in R.pomeroyi growth under C-, N- and P- limiting conditions
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